7 Things to Look For in a Technology Consulting Service

7 Things to Look For in a Technology Consulting Service - zsah

Technology consulting service helps clients leverage technology to improve their operations and processes. For profit-making companies, the ultimate goal of onboarding a consultant is to minimise costs and maximise profits.

Organisations will typically turn to technology consultants when they lack in-house expertise or situations where it is too costly to solve a need using in-house solutions.

The range and breadth of services that an organisation can consult about are extensive. They include cloud solutions, security analysis, data strategy, data health check, IT infrastructure planning, customer software planning, disaster recovery planning, and much more.

Technology consultants, therefore, have many names depending on the services they provide: business and technology advisors, computer consultants, IT consultants, software consultants, and more.

The growth of the technology consulting service in the UK and worldwide is a clear pointer that customers see the value in hiring technology consultants.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic dampening demand in other sectors, technology consulting shows a positive future outlook. In one study, 54% of respondents said they expect UK technology consulting demand to increase significantly in the next 12 to 24 months.

Consulting Activity Growth-zsah(Image source: Consultancy.UK)

Below are the benefits of a technology consulting service and what to look for when assessing potential providers.

7 Things to Look For in a Technology Consulting Service
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    1. Economies of Scale

    One of the boxes you should tick is how well you can tap into the consultant's economies of scale and purchasing power.

    The technology consultant's primary focus is IT. It is only natural that they have greater economies of scale and efficiencies. Their deep industry knowledge and networks allow them to access the best technology solutions and services faster and at much lower costs. The bottom line, you better value for their money.

    2. Focus On Your Core Business

    Individuals work better when they focus on their core job description. Frustration at having to figure out complex IT issues can overwhelm and disengage.

    At the corporate level, a technology consulting service helps an organisation focus on what it does best. Consider how many person-hours you free up to focus on more important things when you bring in a technology consultant to fix IT issues, research solutions, and implement new technology.

    3. Technology Consulting Service Saves Costs 

    One of the primary concerns for most organisations today is reducing their overall IT costs. The main recurrent expenditure usually comprises staff costs. When totalled up, the salary, benefits, vacation, sick days, and other managerial issues of a mid-level IT employee are significantly higher than a technology consulting service.

    For example, the average salary of a cloud solutions specialist in the UK is £57,000 per annum, with the most experienced employees earning well over £80,000 annually. These figures do not include fringe benefits. Consider the cost savings opportunities for your organisation when you opt for a technology consulting service.


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    4. Technology Consulting Service Reduces Downtime

    For many organisations, a few minutes of downtime can have dire financial, administrative and legal consequences. A technology consultant's systematic and planned approach to maintenance, backup, and disaster recovery eliminates costly downtime.

    A Service Level Agreement (SLA) with your technology consulting service is your iron-clad guarantee of limited downtime and an objective performance measure.

    5. Better Productivity

    A technology consultant boosts productivity by enabling more streamlined communication, knowledge sharing, and collaboration.

    These capabilities are delivered using multiple setups such as managed cloud solutions, managed IT services, and other bespoke professional IT services. When weighing your options, consider how a technology consulting service can improve your organisation's productivity.

    6. Subject Matter Expertise

    A technology consulting service allows you to tap into specialised expertise that would be too expensive or difficult to develop in-house due to the IT sector's fast-changing nature.

    Relevant skills today are soon rendered obsolete. Organisations that don't specialise in technology find it frustrating, distracting, and expensive to maintain regular training programs.

    Small and medium businesses, in particular, have a hard time achieving the flexibility and scale needed to support technology environments. When considering whether to use a technology consulting service, determine what unique credentials, certifications, and skills they bring on board.

    For example, cloud solutions consulting service staff should hold AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud certifications. These credentials are in addition to holding IT degrees and having several years of experience.

    7. Dedicated Account Manager

    A technology consulting service that knows its stuff will typically assign a dedicated account manager to a client. This approach ensures that the consultant understands the customer's challenges over time and builds an effective relationship.

    zsah Provides the Best-In-Class Technology Consulting Service

    Cloud deployments are one major area where organisations require the services of technology consultants. There is a dearth of cloud skills, and many companies find it challenging to build and sustain in-house expertise.

    Even the most deep-pocketed businesses are currently struggling with the global deficit in native-cloud skills and expertise. The consequences of this include inevitable delays in enterprise cloud projects and even significant gaps between cloud deployment objectives and eventual outcomes.

    One of the key promises of the cloud computing model was that it would level the technology playing field for all businesses regardless of industry, size, or location.

    However, the current talent shortage has a particularly adverse effect on organisations without the resources to hire a full in-house IT team for cloud enablement.

    Over the past two decades, zsah has a comprehensive framework of technical and service delivery capabilities that span the cloud sector. Our team of skilled engineers, certified consultants, and experienced cloud architects, along with our blue-chip ecosystem partners, is focused on delivering best-in-class hassle-free cloud and software services. Our emphasis has always been on tailoring the best solutions that fit our customer's specific needs and help them manage technology costs, drive innovation and enhance overall business value.

    Whatever your goals or business outcomes, our technology consultants will be there to help you use your chosen technology to get higher staff performance and a more cost-effective route to market. For more information, give us a call or drop us an email.

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