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A Modern Operations Approach for Modern Infrastructure

Rafay’s Kubernetes Operations Platform was specifically designed to help enterprises and service providers manage the lifecycle of their Kubernetes infrastructure and modern application.  Kubernetes Operations is a holistic approach that unifies the lifecycle management of both Kubernetes clusters and containerized applications.


rafay multi-cluster management service - zsah

Multi-Cluster Management Service

Enables the lifecycle management and blueprinting support for managed Kubernetes services, such as Amazon EKS and Azure AKS, as well as offerings such as Rancher and RedHat OpenShift

rafay gitops service - zsah

GitOps Service

Enables infrastructure orchestration and application deployment through multi-stage, git-triggered pipelines.


rafay zero-trust access service - zsah

Zero-Trust Access Service

Enables controlle, audited access for developers, SREs and automation systems to Kubernetes infrastructure, with just-in-time service account creation and user-level credentials management.


rafay kubernetes policy management service - zsah

Kubernetes Policy Management Service

Enables policy management for clusters via the Open Policy Agent (OPA) framework for Kubernetes security and governance.

rafay backup & restore service

Backup & Restore Service

Protect Enables disaster recovery and migration of the Kubernetes control plane and application data.

rafay visibility & monitoring service - zsah

Visibility & Monitoring Service

Enables development, operations and security/governance teams to visualise and monitor modern apps and underlying Kubernetes infrastructure through dedicated dashboards.

Fast time to K8s

Gain the benefits of Kubernetes in hours, not months

Reliability & Scalability

Rafay has >99.99% uptime. Easily manage hundreds of clusters with no management of admin clusters

Zero-Trust Security

Maintain private endpoints for all Kubernetes clusters and centrally configure role-based access control

Deployment Flexibility

Leverage the cloud or deploy in air-gapped environments


rafay saas-first approach - zsah

SaaS-First Approach

Deploy in minutes. Realise all the benefits of the cloud including instant scalability, automatic updates, >99.99% uptime and the lowest TCO for Kubernetes and application lifecycle management. Companies requiring air-gapped deployments for compliance and regulatory reasons can deploy KOP on-premises.


rafay Zero-Trust fabric built in - zsah

Zero-Trust Fabric Built-in

Rafay does not require inbound access to your Kubernetes clusters. No need to poke holes in firewalls or set up SSH access or reverse-tunnels. Zero-Trust Kubectl Access governs Kubectl activity by end-users as well as CI/CD systems with role-based access control (RBAC) and auditing of all actions.


rafay scalability & fleet management - zsah

Scalability & Fleet Management

Why manage clusters one by one? It's time-consuming and prone to errors that result in non-standard environments. With the KOP, you can manage your fleet collectively. Create, deploy, operate, monitor, upgrade and retire 1 or 1,000+ clusters just as easily across any number of multiple, heterogeneous regions, clouds and environments.


rafay deep k8s distro interoperability -zsah

Deep K8s Distro Interoperability

Don't get locked into a single Kubernetes distro across clouds. Freely use Rancher, Openshift, GKE in GCP, AKS in Azure, and EKS in AWS. Avoid vendor lock-in and preserve your company's ability to deploy, manage & move containerised workloads between cloud, data center and the edge.

rafay 1-click enterprise integrations - zsah

1-Click Enterprise Integrations

Protect Your Kubernetes app deployments can't be considered enterprise-class without integrating them with the Kubernetes, security and governance tools enterprises use most. Rafay includes integrations with Okta, AzureAD, Jenkins, Hashicorp, Terraform & Vault, Datadog and a number of others that are just a few clicks away.

rafay market leading support - zsah

Market-Leading Support

Realise all the benefits of the cloud for your Kubernetes infrastructure including being up and running within minutes, instant scalability, automatic K8s updates and the lowest TCO for Kubernetes operations. Rafay also provides world-class professional services & support available 24x7 and governed by an SLA.

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