6 Reasons Public Cloud Costs More Than You Expect


Public cloud costs can be a difficult thing for companies to manage. Often, companies migrating from on-premise solutions to public cloud services experience an unexpected rise in monthly costs. For example, HelpSystems experienced an increase of 300 percent in monthly recurrent expenditure when they recently migrated from an on-premise solution to cloud-based infrastructure (more on…

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Gain a Competitive Advantage with Managed Services


A competitive advantage is a term used in business and marketing to describe an attribute that allows the holder to outperform competitors. With the rapid advancement of technology, increased customer expectations, and the growing need for dependable IT services, businesses are continuously seeking ways to gain a competitive advantage with their IT operations. One way…

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Can Your Business Really Run on Multi-Cloud?

can your business run on multi-cloud? - zsah

Cloud computing has become an essential business asset in recent years as businesses look for ways to cut costs and increase efficiency. Most organisations use more than one cloud, creating a multi-cloud environment – which involves using a combination of different public and private cloud infrastructures in a single heterogeneous architecture. This improves cloud infrastructure…

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How Edge Computing is Facilitating Sustainability for the Future

how edge computing is facilitating sustainability for the future - zsah

The effects of climate change, protecting the environment, and embracing the circular economy are issues currently riding high in the public consciousness. In the technology sector, infrastructure and service providers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental issues surrounding mass data transmission. As we’ll discuss in this article, one way to address and help overcome…

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10 DevOps Best Practices for 2022 and Beyond

10 devops best practices fro 2022 and beyond - zsah

The past few years have seen increased digital transformation initiatives by enterprises worldwide. As such, it’s no surprise that there is greater investment in eliminating the silos that have traditionally hindered the flow of information and collaboration between different parts of the organisation. DevOps has been a big part of this transformation, enabling developers and…

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Getting Started with Kubernetes

getting started with kubernetes - zsah

With application development and deployment now critical to success in digital business, many organisations are turning to containers, as a lighter weight alternative to the Virtual Machine or VM. By sharing the same underlying host operating system, containers have the edge over VMs, in terms of their resource consumption. However, managing containers can pose complex…

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A Guide to Edge Computing in the Aviation Sector

A Guide to Edge Computing in the Aviation Sector - zsah

Edge computing or edge cloud is a distributed computing model that uses localised networks to bring data storage and processing closer to the devices and applications that are actually generating the information. This is in contrast to conventional cloud computing approaches, which rely on relays of information to and from remote data centres and processing…

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Kubernetes vs Docker: A Quick Guide

Kubernetes vs Docker: A Quick Guide - zsah

In the world of DevOps and the container ecosystem, there are two major players in the game: Kubernetes and Docker. Both technologies offer a lot of value to businesses and have allowed the container revolution to take place. They are both cloud-native technologies and are often used together to accomplish different goals. In this quick…

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DevOps Enterprise – Scaling DevOps for Success

DevOps Enterprise - Scaling DevOps for Success - zsah

What DevOps Is – and Why It Matters DevOps is a combined term assembled from Development and Operations, and represents a shared or collaborative approach to the work of an organisation’s application development and IT operations teams. As well as a specific focus on software development, DevOps also embraces the cultural shifts needed to promote…

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