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Kubernetes Migration Services

The rise of virtualisation and cloud computing has meant that infrastructure is no longer static but dynamic.

This is great for developers who want to focus on building software rather than managing servers and storage – but it can also be daunting for organisations looking to migrate their applications to this new way of doing things.

At zsah, we understand what you're going through because we've been there too. That's why we tailor our migration services to your needs – from simple moves into containers up to full-scale migrations from virtual machines onto mature Kubernetes clusters.

Our Process

We use a tried and tested structured process to ensure a seamless migration.

  • We begin by reviewing your current architecture and get to know your application in more detail. We then create a diagram of your current state and start to map user flows.
  • Once we have a clear understanding, our engineers will help you migrate from virtual machines onto Kubernetes clusters. For simple applications, we can do this in one go. However, if your application is complex, we migrate it in stages. This saves you the time and resources that would go into rearchitecting your application. Furthermore, we endeavour to make this initial migration as frictionless as possible. The diagram below provides an example of how we migrate a complex application.


  • Our engineers then containerize your application based on the information we have gathered. Once we have this deeper understanding, we can bake any software dependencies/libraries and the application itself into this blueprint for making the container. We can also set up a mature CI/CD pipeline to automatically build these images and push them to a container registry ready to be used in the next step.
  • Next, we build the Helm charts to help automate the deployment of your application whenever you want to do a release. Think of these as blueprints for automating releases to Kubernetes.

As part of the migration, we can also set up more in-depth monitoring specific to the applications you plan to deploy to the cluster. We'll then come back to you and discuss the results before going live with your migrated application.

Benefits of zsah Kubernetes Migration Services

By leveraging our expertise, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • If you are unfamiliar with containers or Kubernetes, we not only do the migration but also guide you through the whole process. Our managed migration service saves you time and effort.
  • Improved security with containers, less vulnerability to exploits and malicious code
  • Higher performance due to container abstraction layer operating system overhead .
  • Improved application availability with self-healing and high tolerance to failure.
  • Reduced complexity in managing virtual machines, which can be managed through containers.
  • Use of industry-standard Kubernetes container orchestration tools for running  containers on any cloud provider or bare metal servers.

Throughout this migration process, we will always be there to guide you through best practices or if you have any questions.

We offer a range of options based on and tailored to your needs as an organisation – from moving containers in-house to using our managed service to take care of everything for you, including setting up the infrastructure and deploying applications into them.

We'll work together with you to iterate the design of your application and help it transform from a monolithic system into microservices so that it can be deployed in an agile way on our Kubernetes infrastructure.

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Improve agility & stay competitive through zsah's DevOps service

Lightweight Kubernetes Hosting

Lightweight and highly performant Kubernetes (K3s).  Perfect for dev environments or small applications.  Compatible with standard full Kubernetes (K8s)

Full Kubernetes Hosting

Best suited for large and/or enterprise applications.  We devise optimal fully managed multi-cluster architecture based on your needs

Hybrid Cloud Managed Service

Let us help you with you Hyrbid Cloud Strategy.  We can also manage Kubernetes clusters across all the major clouds or on-prem

CI/CD And Gitops Services

Vm Migration To Containers And Kubernetes Managed Service


zsah DevOps offering

If you don’t already have the right skills in house, bringing your teams up to speed can be inefficient and time consuming. zsah brings those skills to you so while we get on with modernising your applications, setting up, configuring and running your services, along with security and update management, your staff are free to focus on delivering your core business.

And just like our other services, you have the option to buy in a complete solution or pick and choose those elements you need to get your projects across the line. 

Plus you'll get 24/7/365 application support and investigatory skills in application performance and error fixing.

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100% Reliability for your organisation

In a fast-moving world, two things remain the same: your need to delight your customers and outflank the competition. There’s a multitude of companies vying to offer you managed services,  but which one’s right for you? How do you scale their offerings to suit your business goals and your budget, and how do you get these disparate suppliers working together for the good of your organisation? 

As a truly managed service provider, we pride ourselves on working hand in hand with our clients. This way, not only do we really understand and provide solutions perfectly suited to your organisation, but once those solutions are in place, our highly specialised UK-based support team are accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

From our ISO accredited solutions to our high-security data centres, our experts ensure your data is held in compliance with data protection rules and ISO27001 requirements, in a location that is appropriate for your organisation. 

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