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How to Minimise Cybersecurity Risks for Public Sector in the Age of Digital Transformation

Hosted by Digital Leaders Insight Live: Public Sector

As we all know the Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating the pace of digital transformation among the public sector, the cybersecurity risks cannot be neglected as the public sector undertake digital transformation.

Digitally savvy leadership is a game-changer in the public sector according to a recent report from Deloitte.

In this talk, David will discuss how public sectors could minimise the cybersecurity risks while adopting digital technology to transform their IT systems to offer the public a better and more accurate service.

Key points covered:

  • Why digital transformation could be a game-changer in the public sector?
  • The potential cybersecurity risks public sector might face while adopting digital transformation.
  • What kind of measures can be taken to minimise cybersecurity risks?

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Unlock Critical Value from Data using Cloud Computing

Unlock Critical Value from Data using Cloud Computing

Hosted by Digital Leaders Insight Live: Public Sector

By leveraging the power of cloud computing, organisations in the public sector can unlock critical value from their data in a more flexible and customised way.

While enterprises from all size are embracing and harnessing the cloud and big data, how public sector agencies could also take full advantage of the cloud to unlock the critical value in their data?

Key points covered:

  • Opportunities and challenges of big data in the public sector
  • How cloud computing could help unlock critical value from the data?
  • Use cases of the implementation of cloud analytics in the public sector

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Data Transformation Series: Curated, Self-Service Data with Gatwick Airport

Hosted by Big Data London

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One of London’s leading airport’s Tableau journey

Gatwick Airport struggled to create and access curated datasets at the right breadth and depth, not only for exploitation but also for reproducing management information that could easily be shared at scale. In the airport industry, spatial data is widely used to uncover new business opportunities but again the analyst community lacked the capability to meet this requirement.

By deploying Tableau across the landscape, it has enabled Analysts to provision and prepare datasets for on-off and repeatable analysis for various use cases. In this session, zsah's Data & Analytics Director Shariq will provide insight on the implementation journey so far and strategy for adoption that led to Tableau becoming the tool of choice.

Amir zsah tech talks

How Cloud Services Are Evolving in Response to Covid-19

Hosted by Tech Talks

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Once in the Cloud, it's important not to presume that your business has reached its destination.

The Cloud can offer you much more than just the delivery of hosted services over the internet, in fact, properly utilised, Cloud-based technology can save businesses a substantial amount of money whilst providing a competitive edge.

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