Why the Health Sector Needs Edge Computing Networks

Why the Health Sector Needs Edge Computing Networks– zsah

Edge computing is quickly becoming a necessary component of our increasingly connected world. In healthcare, it is particularly important as doctors and nurses rely on real-time data to make decisions that could mean the difference between life and death for their patients. This technology is revolutionising the healthcare industry by allowing faster and more efficient…

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Kubernetes 101: A Guide to the Main Features of Kubernetes

Kubernetes 101 - zsah

Kubernetes is a powerful open-source tool for managing containerised applications. It was originally designed by Google and has become the most popular container orchestration platform in use today. According to the 2021 State of Cloud-Native Development Report developed for Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) by SlashData, over 5.6 million developers are using Kubernetes, a 67%…

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Getting Started with Kubernetes

getting started with kubernetes - zsah

With application development and deployment now critical to success in digital business, many organisations are turning to containers, as a lighter weight alternative to the Virtual Machine or VM. By sharing the same underlying host operating system, containers have the edge over VMs, in terms of their resource consumption. However, managing containers can pose complex…

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Improving Agility and Staying Competitive with DevOps

Improving Agility and Staying Competitive with DevOps - zsah

The business landscape is constantly evolving, and SaaS companies and software developers that want to stay competitive need to be agile enough to adapt quickly. One way to achieve this agility is through the adoption of DevOps practices. DevOps is a software engineering philosophy that encourages communication, collaboration, and integration between software development and operation…

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A Guide to Edge Computing in the Aviation Sector

A Guide to Edge Computing in the Aviation Sector - zsah

Edge computing or edge cloud is a distributed computing model that uses localised networks to bring data storage and processing closer to the devices and applications that are actually generating the information. This is in contrast to conventional cloud computing approaches, which rely on relays of information to and from remote data centres and processing…

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Kubernetes vs Docker: A Quick Guide

Kubernetes vs Docker: A Quick Guide - zsah

In the world of DevOps and the container ecosystem, there are two major players in the game: Kubernetes and Docker. Both technologies offer a lot of value to businesses and have allowed the container revolution to take place. They are both cloud-native technologies and are often used together to accomplish different goals. In this quick…

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