Let us manage and maintain your infrastructure services on a private cloud network


Private cloud is an offering where the network, computer, IT infrastructure and services (resource pool) for a company are managed and maintained on a private network. 

Private clouds offer the highest level of control and security.

zsah private cloud offering

Private Cloud powered by Gridz

When security is of the essence, zsah’s Private Cloud powered by Gridz™ gets the job done. Our experts ensure your data is held in compliance with data protection rules and ISO27001 requirements, in a location that is appropriate for your organisation.

As well as being highly secure, Private Cloud offers a great degree of flexibility, making it ideal for hosting critical applications. And with predictable pricing that compares favourably to the public cloud, you maintain control and have clarity of your IT spend from quarter to quarter.

Our private cloud is also extremely reliable with a minimum 99.99% uptime, keeping your services live and running around the clock. And our wide geographical presence across EMEA, APAC and the US delivers the best experience no matter where your end users are.



Your organisation’s security is of paramount importance to us. Ensuring this is protected at all times is our business.


Migrating your infrastructure to zsah’s private cloud will give you the ability to focus on core value creation and competitive advantage.


We host and manage your private cloud infrastructure and yet provide you with a high degree of control and complete transparency on your data and architecture.


With our experience in dealing with secure and private data, we ensure data protection laws are adhered to along with ISO 27001 processes.

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100% Reliability for your organisation

In a fast-moving world, two things remain the same: your need to delight your customers and outflank the competition. There’s a multitude of companies vying to offer you managed services,  but which one’s right for you? How do you scale their offerings to suit your business goals and your budget, and how do you get these disparate suppliers working together for the good of your organisation? 

As a truly managed service provider, we pride ourselves on working hand in hand with our clients. This way, not only do we really understand and provide solutions perfectly suited to your organisation, but once those solutions are in place, our highly specialised UK-based support team are accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

From our ISO accredited solutions to our high-security data centres, our experts ensure your data is held in compliance with data protection rules and ISO27001 requirements, in a location that is appropriate for your organisation. 

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