zsah can supply you with technology consultants or help you hire the best tech person for the job.


cloud consultancy resourcing


Get access to zsah's deep technical knowledge and experience by adding a consultative layer to your existing organisation (read more below).

cloud consultancy resourcing


There are so many ways to grow your team, it can be hard to know which way is best. Tell zsah what you need and we'll find the perfect candidate for you (read more below).


cloud consultancy resourcing

Technology Consulting

Consultancy is at the forefront of our business model.

Technology is more than just our business, it's our passion.

The consultants here at zsah eat and breath technology and aim to use that enthusiasm, combined with our 15 years+ experience to help you make smart, cost-effective technology choices.

We believe technology should never be a hindrance to your core business. Whether adding a consultative layer to our existing services or consulting as a stand-alone service, zsah will help you to:

  • Decide on the correct technology and infrastructure to support your business
  • Get the most out of your chosen technology investment
  • Ensure that your technology choices are GDPR Compliant
  • Utilize your chosen technology to get higher performance from staff and a more cost effective route to market

Call us now on 020 7060 6032 to find out how we can help you.

Recruitment and Resourcing

cloud consultancy resourcing

Recruitment agents? In-house hiring?

There are so many ways to grow your team, it can be hard to know which way is best?

Recruitment agents save you time but often find candidates that don't fit your culture or meet your companies needs.

Whilst hiring using internal HR can be far too time-consuming and takes away the focus from your core business.

Here at zsah, we have been growing steadily since 2002.

We aim to use our experience, strong IT knowledge and tech 'know how' to help you hire the perfect candidate for your role or project opening.



How does this work:

  • zsah conducts a consultative meeting where we find out the exact type of person you are looking for
  • zsah search for the best possible candidate for you, using our existing pool of consultants and in-house hiring team

What's the benefit to you:

  • zsah aims to combine the benefits of the two key routes of hiring. Like a recruitment agency, we aim to save you time and allow your current staff to focus on your core business. zsah will act on behalf of your in-house team during the process, searching for a candidate that fits your culture and requirements.
  • Our aim is to keep your costs low, helping you make savings by hiring the right candidate from day 1


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