6 Reasons Public Cloud Costs More Than You Expect


Public cloud costs can be a difficult thing for companies to manage. Often, companies migrating from on-premise solutions to public cloud services experience an unexpected rise in monthly costs. For example, HelpSystems experienced an increase of 300 percent in monthly recurrent expenditure when they recently migrated from an on-premise solution to cloud-based infrastructure (more on…

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Gain a Competitive Advantage with Managed Services


A competitive advantage is a term used in business and marketing to describe an attribute that allows the holder to outperform competitors. With the rapid advancement of technology, increased customer expectations, and the growing need for dependable IT services, businesses are continuously seeking ways to gain a competitive advantage with their IT operations. One way…

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A guide to 5G Networks and Cloud Computing


Did you know that there are currently some 14.4 billion internet-connected devices globally – a number that is forecast to reach approximately 27 billion by 2025? As a result, 5G mobile operators like Verizon are building 5G access networks at a furious pace. At the same time, cloud providers are working with similar endeavors to…

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