Another industry buzzword?

Yes it is, but let’s say it in plain English. DevOps is a shortened term that covers Development and Operations that emphasises the collaboration and communication of both software developers and other IT professionals,  while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. It aims at establishing a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software, can happen rapidly, frequently and more reliably.

In today’s connected world, the updating and subsequent deployment of systems happens with increasing frequency, but there is a downside – well two actually. Firstly it means that an increasing number of resources (both human and financial) are required to keep the process going. That means that the deployment of that change and the correct operation of the change itself need to be tested and deployed correctly.

That’s a very time and resource consuming task and nearly every organisation does not have the bandwidth to do that consistently, reliably and sustainably.

…and that’s where zsah can help.

We have been providing DevOps services to industry leading organisations since 2002 and coupled with our secure Managed Cloud services we help reduce our clients time-to-deployment by up to 20% – that represents a tangible and measurable cost saving to them.

So get in touch and let zsah help you on your DevOps journey.

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