Corporate Social Responsibility

As a leading provider of Cloud services and Managed technology in the United Kingdom, minimising our impact on the environment is something zsah take seriously. This is demonstrated though our key principles.

Our Community

We employ the best technology experts from diverse backgrounds and 70% of our staff live locally to the office.

We utilise and support local businesses for signage, office supplies, sustenance, furniture and decorating.

Work Enviroment

Paper use is kept to a minimum by providing staff the tools to communicate and plan via email and computer based apps rather than unnecessarily printing or writing on paper.

We have implemented a car share scheme as well as encouraging staff to take public transport to work. We also support the cycle to work scheme.

Energy saving techniques have been introduced to the office along with energy saving bulbs and the removal of old high energy consuming equipment replaced with lower energy consumption items.

We have implemented dedicated recycling sections to our office.

Centrally controlled air conditioning units help in reducing energy consumption by 20% – 25%.

100% Reliability for your business

As a truly managed service we pride ourselves on working hand in hand with our clients. This way not only do we really understand and provide solutions perfectly suited to your organisation, but once those solutions are in place our highly specialised UK based support team are accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

From our ISO accredited solutions to our high security data centres, your organisations data and infrastructure is protected using industry leading technologies and stored only in the United Kingdom or area of your choice.

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