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Application hosting and environment management for software and SaaS providers


Perhaps you're using (or thinking of using) AWS or Azure? Our high-performing managed application hosting services can offer true hybrid cloud connectivity directly into the big public clouds.

So you can run your DEV environments on public cloud and run the production platforms on our performance-based, private and compliant cloud.

With our hosted service offering, we offer DBA as a service so we can tune your MS SQL Server or Oracle databases with automatic and frequent upgrades to all hosting environments.

No need to wonder why there are performance issues, we do root cause analysis and fixes.

Unlike the big public cloud players, we offer actual managed cloud so all you need to do is develop your fantastic applications. 

We take care of ensuring they are available to your end users. And, unlike other managed cloud players we go higher up the technology stack and offer a mature, enterprise level of service delivery.



High availability and guaranteed uptime for your software.


Fully managed load balancing solutions.


State of the art cloud security and monitored application storage. 


Reduced capital expenditure due to zsah’s pay-as-you-go application service. 


On demand development and operations (DevOps) environments.


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We understand the priorities and drivers behind application hosting and our purpose-built application Adaptive Private Cloud (APC) architecture is designed to host a variety of SaaS applications.

zsah can reduce your app hosting cost by enabling your business to consume services as required, not a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Our in-house solutions architects and DevOps teams work with you right from the beginning to design the right Cloud infrastructure for your needs and equally importantly, your customers’ needs.

BENEFITS of managed application hosting services

Reduced Risk - zsah

Significantly Reduced Risk

  • zsah data centers offer 99.99% uptime with full backup and failover
  • Being ISO270001 certified means that applications are secure and compliant to existing privacy regulation
  • Being a UK based Cloud supplier, we are not subject to the varying legislation in other countries
  • GDPR is high on our agenda and many of our clients are discussing this critical legislation which came into effect in 2018

Reduced Cost

  • Managing your Cloud can be expensive and time-consuming, it takes you away from your core business and forces your tech teams to get involved in issues that are not their main job or skill set.
  • There is no need to maintain your own hardware or have multiple SLA’s and maintenance contracts

Easy Access

  • Your SaaS platform is available to you (with appropriate permissions of course) anywhere at any time and through our proprietary Gridz™ platform you are able to scale and change your infrastructure as required.

Rapid Deployment

  • Our in-house DevOps team are on hand to ensure your platform updates and regular maintenance are hassle-free
  • They regularly meet with our clients to ensure that their SaaS or Cloud hosted mobile application is running at optimum efficiency and taking full advantage (dynamically and automatically) of the resources available
  • You can test and deploy your code (or ask us to do it for you) and with the peace of mind that you are backed by zsah’s best practice change management and controls


What types of software platforms benefit from application hosting on Cloud?

If, as a SaaS or software solutions vendor your solution falls into one of these categories you should be considering moving to the Cloud, or, if you are there already, perhaps consider if you are making the best of your current hosting services provider?

Enterprise Saas

A broad spectrum of solutions that all organisations need such as Office365

Functional or Specialist Saas

A specific solution that addresses a particular need, for example, a cloud-based telephony or unified communications platform. 

Security Solution

This is a specialist vertical in its own right and usually, requires very specific capabilities in the Cloud infrastructure upon which it resides. An example is a secure email or web gateway to trap malware or prevent information leakage. 

Application Specific

This type of SaaS platform serves an in-organisation specific function such as an employee benefits platform that allows staff to track the status of their pension or fund


This is not just limited to online retailers, eCommerce is a term that encompasses areas such as digital marketing platforms, visitor tracking applications and payment platforms.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT has many applications from retail and domestic environments to asset and vehicle tracking and monitoring of heavy industrial equipment. Without the ability to transfer the data in real-time to a Cloud-hosted application much of the insights and productivity gained would not be possible.



Hosting your SaaS solution with zsah means that you improve your customers’ experience and the responsiveness of your business to their needs.

We offer multiple environments including Dev/Sandbox, Staging, UAT, Pre-prod and live, each stage designed, built and configured to the specific needs of your platform and your customer base.

You will have an assigned (named) account manager, project owner and delivery/DevOps engineer so you are supported at every step of the journey you take with us.

You have complete ownership of the ongoing design and development of your SaaS platform while we manage the infrastructure and any changes you roll out.

Our best practice change management protocols ensure that your production (live) platform remains operationally available.

However, our service does not end there, with our 18 years of experience which began with delivering the very early SaaS platforms for our partners we understand the unique dynamic that pervades this sector.

So we work with you to ensure that as your SaaS platform evolves the Cloud infrastructure upon which it resides evolves along with it and takes advantage of the very latest and highest specification infrastructure and technologies. 

“zsah were proactive and professional from Day 1 they listened to what we needed and did not try to fit our requirement around their service offerings.”

- Chris Tones - IT Technical Architect, HM Government Planning Inspectorate.


Hosting your SaaS solution with zsah means you benefit from a thriving community of partners and organisations who host their SaaS platforms with us and in choosing to work with us you will be treated like an extension of our own business.

Your technical teams will have the same information that our teams do and we will strive to support you in growing your business.

We understand that you want to focus on developing your technology and growing your customer base.

Over the years we have found that maintaining and nurturing an open dialogue with all of our partners engenders trust and ensures that ultimately it is a mutually beneficial relationship.

In short, application hosting in the Cloud provides benefits across the vendor organisation and extends those benefits to the customers that utilise your platform.

You gain flexibility by being able to choose the level of management that is right for you.

You are freed up to focus on growing your core business and most importantly, working with us feels like a natural extension of your team. 

If you'd like to know more about partnering with us, try our technology partners page and take the quiz.

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100% Reliability for your organisation

In a fast-moving world, two things remain the same: your need to delight your customers and outflank the competition. There’s a multitude of companies vying to offer you managed services,  but which one’s right for you? How do you scale their offerings to suit your business goals and your budget, and how do you get these disparate suppliers working together for the good of your organisation? 

As a truly managed service provider, we pride ourselves on working hand in hand with our clients. This way, not only do we really understand and provide solutions perfectly suited to your organisation, but once those solutions are in place, our highly specialised UK-based support team are accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

From our ISO accredited solutions to our high-security data centres, our experts ensure your data is held in compliance with data protection rules and ISO27001 requirements, in a location that is appropriate for your organisation. 

Take a look at our case studies to see what our customers say about us.


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