15 Health Tech London Startups to Watch

15 health tech London startups to watch - zsah

London’s tech ecosystem has proven to be a thriving hub for startups. In a 2021 report from Silicon Republic, the city ranked second after Silicon Valley for the best startup environment in the world, due to favourable tax incentives and a highly educated workforce. London was also the only European city to make it to the top 10 list in the same report.

Such an attractive environment is why London hosts some of the most innovative health tech startups. These enterprises contribute significantly to the UK's GDP and augment NHS efforts by providing citizens with alternative healthcare options.

So, who are the leading health tech startups in London? Below, we highlight 15 exceptional enterprises worthy of your attention.

London’s tech ecosystem has proven to be a thriving hub for startups. In a 2021 report from Silicon Republic, the city ranked second after Silicon Valley for the best startup environment in the world, due to favourable tax incentives and a highly educated workforce. London was also the only European city to make it to the top 10 list in the same report.

Such an attractive environment is why London hosts some of the most innovative health tech startups. These enterprises contribute significantly to the UK's GDP and augment NHS efforts by providing citizens with alternative healthcare options.

So, who are the leading health tech startups in London? Below, we highlight 15 exceptional enterprises worthy of your attention.

1.  BenevolentAI

Logo for Benevolent AI

BenevolentAI is revolutionising the medical field with its computational research and development (R&D) platform. Scientists now have access to datasets that help them understand interconnected disease networks and discover better treatments.

The company’s Knowledge Graph platform uses artificial intelligence tools to interrogate biomedical data to pinpoint health and disease differentiators to develop better mechanisms for treating health conditions.

Through its AI-driven technology, BenevolentAI R&D is currently developing drug programmes to treat over 25 target areas such as immunology, oncology, metabolic disorders, and more.

The startup's AI-drug discovery team identified an FDA-approved drug to treat COVID-19. They achieved this feat by using AI tools to analyse biomedical data and identify a drug that could prevent further deterioration from a viral infection.

BenevolentAI has raised $292M from more than six investors, including Goldman Sachs, to fund its research and growth activities.

Twitter: @benevolent_ai

LinkedIn: BenevolentAI

2.  Lantum

Logo for Lantum - zsah

Founded in 2012, Lantum enables better workforce management through its web and mobile app platform by simplifying the process of booking shifts for healthcare professionals. Additionally, the platform has an e-rostering system to help organisations fill shift gaps and determine staff availability at any time. This helps in reducing administration costs, improving time management, and increasing staff retention.

Lantum also provides secure storage for compliance documents, automated reminders for document expiration dates, and admins can define governance parameters to accept compliant workers only. The startup also has a marketplace to source vetted healthcare workers and can directly negotiate rates for each shift.

Lantum acquired Rlocums in 2016 to expand its workplace management technology and has raised $13.8M from more than four funding rounds.

Twitter: @WeAreLantum

LinkedIn: Lantum

3.  DoctorLink

Logo for DoktorLink - zsah

DoctorLink connects patients to their General Practitioners (GPs) through online and video consultations. The platform also enables GPs to serve more patients and manage the demand for their services more efficiently.

The startup was founded in 2016 after a team of healthcare professionals noticed a growing need for centralised GP services that were easily accessible without the hassle of scheduling with health institutions. GPs can now triage their patients online, assess symptoms, and make accurate medical recommendations.

For patients, the company developed a clinically certified symptom assessment portal where patients can check their symptoms, book an appointment, or follow up test results.

The DoctorLink app is available on Google Play and the Apple store and is free for all.

The startup has raised £20M with their lead investor Eight Roads Ventures.

Twitter: @getdoctorlink

LinkedIn: DoctorLink

4.  Unmind

Logo for unmind - zsah

Unmind provides clinically backed solutions to organisations for the well-being of their workforce. The platform includes solutions to improve mental health, exercises to manage stress, private support, learning and development tools, and more.

The company recently secured a funding round of $47M to further its research and development activities and create better workplace solutions for employee well-being.

Unmind works with authors, academics, and clinicians to develop tools that improve employees' mental health. Workers can assess and track their well-being to monitor their progress through a self-guided programme. The startup also offers personalised health insights mined from the employee's data and in-the-moment exercises such as yoga and meditations.

The startup has secured a total of $63.2M.

Twitter: @unmindhq

Linkedin: Unmindhq

5.  Thriva

Logo for Thriva - zsah

Blood testing has never been easier, thanks to Thriva. The company provides home-based blood tests and generates results in 48 hours. Patients can also choose to visit a clinic to do a blood test. A testing kit is mailed to your address with in-home tests, where you draw blood using detailed instructions. Once collected, you can send the blood kit back to the lab on the same day.

Thriva’s platform helps millions of people who do not have the means or physical capacity to do blood tests in a clinic. It uses the latest encryption software to protect personal health information and is GDPR-compliant.

Thrive works with United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited labs and uses CE-marked testing kits (a symbol for European safety standards).

The startup is headquartered in London and has secured $14.7M from four funding rounds.

Twitter: @thrivahealth

LinkedIn: Thriva Health

6.  Pando

Logo for Pando - zsah

Pando facilitates communication within the health and social care sector through open forums, patient list sharing, secure messaging, active directory, and image and file sharing.

Its solutions come at a time when data protection and cybersecurity threats pose a real problem for personal health information. Through the Pando platform, practitioners can communicate safely and protect patient privacy.

The startup is trusted by more than 65,000 healthcare practitioners in the UK. Users can create groups of over 100 members, and the platform allows cross-departmental collaboration. Pando is available on mobile through the Apple store or Google Play.

Total funding secured to date is $10.4M from five rounds.

Twitter: @hello_pando

LinkedIn: Pando

7.  Doctify

Logo for Doctify - zsah


In a world where patients want to know more about their providers, Doctify technology is adding this trust and transparency into healthcare.

Doctify's solution makes it easy for doctors, dentists, clinics and hospitals to collect and publish patient feedback online so that patients can find out more about them. Through working with healthcare providers to automate their review collection, Doctify ensures that no patient is left unheard. Their voices are instead driving change within the industry, with providers using Doctify review intelligence technology to better understand their patients' experiences and make the right improvements to their care.

Until today, Doctify partnered with thousands of healthcare and social care providers globally, which enabled them to have helped over 50 million patients find the right specialist.

Doctify recently secured funding worth $7.5M bringing the total to $10.5M.

Twitter: @doctifyuk

LinkedIn: Doctify

8.  Huma Therapeutics

Logo for Huma Therapeutics - zsah

Huma specialises in predictive healthcare and remote patient monitoring solutions to reduce hospital readmission rates. In addition, the company's technology helps prevent ill health through data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Huma’s remote home care service collects patient data and generates home care solutions to help patients manage their health independently. Based on this data, the Huma application produces insights to improve diagnosis, treatment, and disease prevention.

Huma Therapeutics was founded in 2011 and has raised $184M in six funding rounds.

Twitter: @HumaForHealth

LinkedIn: Huma

9.  Oviva

Logo for Oviva - zsah

Diabetic patients often require specialised support to ensure their blood glucose and pressure is appropriately regulated. With Oviva, patients can track their weight, blood sugar, pressure, and physical activity. Additionally, people can sign up for a coach who will guide them throughout their health optimisation journey.

The platform also contains learning resources such as recipes and meal plans created by qualified dietitians to help patients improve their health from the comfort of their home.

Oviva plans to grow its workforce to 800 employees to meet the demand for high-quality, specialised healthcare. To date, the startup has secured $127.5M to support its growth strategies.

Twitter: @OvivaHealth

LinkedIn: Oviva

10.  Cera

Logo for Cera - zsah

Home-based healthcare is at an all-time high due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Cera's software seeks to facilitate real-time home care through video consultations, on-demand nurse consultations, and simplified medication ordering.

For healthcare professionals, the app enables them to respond to changes in conditions 30x faster than traditional routines, reducing hospitalisation rates. In addition, the app collects and monitors patients’ historical health data to help them react to vital health signs remotely and in real-time.

The company's mission is to improve healthcare access to in-home patients and reduce dependence on hospital visits to get the necessary attention they require.

Cera has raised £69M in three funding rounds.

Twitter: @cera_care

LinkedIn: Cera

11.  AccuRX

Logo for accuRx - zsah


AccuRx provides software tools to facilitate communication between patients and their healthcare providers. The platform also enables communication among healthcare teams, and 98% of all NHS GP institutions use its services. Practitioners can send one-way text messages to patients and send digital documents securely at no additional cost.

AccuRx supports patients, general practitioners, and secondary caregivers. All data collected is secured safely as per GDPR standards, and the company applies the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) best practices.

The company raised £27.5M in September 2021, bringing its total funding to $50M.

Twitter: @accuRx

LinkedIn: accuRx

12.  Touch Surgery

Logo for Touch Surgery - zsah

Touch Surgery is a surgical performance enhancement platform that provides realistic visual guides for medical and surgical procedures. These guides help trainees and even seasoned surgeons to learn, rehearse, and test their medical knowledge. In addition, through AI and data analytics, medical practitioners learn new ways of saving lives during the surgical process.

The company is part of Medtronic, a leading medical technology enterprise that has over 3 million users globally.

Touch Surgery’s solutions are developed by a highly qualified team of surgeons, AI engineers, visual artists, medical and data scientists.

The company was established by Jean Nehme and Andre Chow in 2012 and was acquired by Medtronic, in 2021.

Twitter: @TouchSurgery

LinkedIn: Medtronic Digital Surgery

13.  LloydsDirect

Logo for Lloyds Direct by Lloyds Pharmacy - zsah

Echo recently rebranded to LloydsDirect to reflect its new vision of providing a seamless prescription ordering experience. Patients can order prescriptions on the company’s website (GP approved medications) and have them delivered for free. Ordered medicines can also be collected from any LloydsPharmacy location.

Such online services come at a good time when 96% of GPs support electronic prescriptions, giving medical access to anyone from anywhere. Also, patients can track their orders and set reminders for taking their medicine all on the LloydsDirect website or mobile app.

The service seeks to solve accessibility issues when it comes to getting prescriptions. For example, people with disabilities and elderly persons can now get their medicine without leaving their homes. Also, the platform lets users manage prescriptions for thier whole family and sends automatic reminders ten days before re-ordering prescriptions.

The startup was founded in July 2015 and has secured $11.5M from 5 funding rounds.

Twitter: @lloyds_direct

LinkedIn: LlyodsDirect

14.  Second Nature

Logo for Second Nature - zsah

Second Nature brought together clinical, nutritional, and behavioural data to create a platform that supports users throughout their fitness and health journey.

The platform connects people with verified nutritionists to tailor meals to their health needs. Members also get 300+ pre-made recipes that cater to all dietary requirements, and the application generates a shopping list based on recommended recipes.

Additionally, the platform provides peer groups to support members throughout their journey.

Second Nature’s platform is available on mobile through Google Play and the Apple Store. The company was founded in 2015 and has raised $13.3M in funding.

Twitter: @snhealth_uk

LinkedIn: Second Nature

15.  DnaNudge

Logo for DnaNudge - zsah

DnaNudge is a consumer genetics testing service that guides people to make better lifestyle decisions based on their DNA information. The medical diagnostics company generates food recommendations based on DNA extracted through a cheek swab and tested using their DnaCartridge and NudgeBox.

Collected DNA data is stored in the DNABean and connected to the company’s mobile app, where users can access their DNA results. The app also generates food recommendations based on the results, and users can use this information whenever they shop for food items to make healthier choices.

DnaNudge also has a DnaBand, which users can preload with their DNA results and wear wherever they go shopping. The DnaBand also has a physical inactivity tracker to notify users during long periods of inactivity.

The startup recently signed a distribution agreement to conduct tests in Spain after securing funding worth $60M.

Twitter: @dnanudge




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