zsah GDPR & Security Briefing

Security. GDPR. Compliance...

…these have become buzz words among all industries; you probably hear them every day and yet organisations like yours are unsure of their responsibilities. Do you understand the obligations and more importantly what the penalties could be for not being GDPR compliant? Do you know when you need to have everything in place by?

The countdown to GDPR has already begun

On the HMS Belfast, zsah teamed up with a selection of security experts to talk about the issues organisations are facing regarding GDPR. We looked at the general data protection regulations from both sides of the coin. Despite the tremendous turnout these talks had, we are aware that many people wished to attend but couldn’t. Therefore, we have made all of our talks available to download below. If you wish to speak to a member of our team regarding your company’s IT security then please email GDPR@zsah.net or call 02070606032.


GDPR; The Legal Perspective - Debbie Evans

Debbie is the global legal and commercial director for Clearswift. Debbie is able to approach the topic of GDPR with two different hats on. She has over ten years of extensive negotiation and commercial management experience in the technology market, as well as practising as a barrister, previously. This talk will help you understand your legal obligations and how to lawfully comply with the regulations.
Security in the Cloud - David Kennedy

David has been working in the IT industry for more than 30 years and is currently the commercial director here at zsah. David specialises in compliance, data privacy and security and is CEO of The X509 Secure Mail Gateway (SMG), a standards based centrally managed email server that encrypts and decrypts your incoming and outgoing email at the gateway level. This talk will help you understand how to ensure that you are completely secure within the cloud; which couldn't be more relevant today, following the string of cyber-attacks on large corporations.
Digital Ethics – Who should be thinking about it? - Charles Radclyffe

Charles is a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold three FinTech and AdTech companies. Currently, he is the senior innovation specialist for Deutsche Bank. Charles provides advisory services to companies on their Data Analytics strategy and is an experienced public speaker in topics such as Smart Devices, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence. He has put a twist on GDPR, and is looking at it from a different point of view; digital ethics and who should be thinking about it.
Interviews with Paul Hocking

What did the attendees of the talk think? How have the talks benefitted them? What actions will they now take to ensure they are GDPR ready?