Digital Certificate Discovery & Management

Zsah's partnership with Cybersecip provides an in-depth view of your PKI certificate ecosystem, including third-party software.

Advanced Digital Certificate Discovery and Management Platform

The whole internet depends upon digital trust.

Without it, the internet as we know it - let alone the Internet of Things - would not work. Trust, in Internet terms, depends upon digital certification. So hackers and malware makers use stolen or compromised digital certificates to get access to your systems.

In conjunction with Cybersecip, Zsah provides the only software able to provide full digital certificate and key discovery, management and automation. 

Even if your organisation is already running PKI management software like Venafi or Keyfactor you will still need Whitethorn® to discover all of the digital certificates and keys on your systems so that you can manage them effectively.

Without it you might only be managing half of the certificates on your systems, leaving thousands unexamined that may be revoked, compromised or about to expire. This weakness increases the risk of malware, ransomware and service outages.

OUR DIGITAL Certificate Management offering

Whitethorn® Insight

A short consulting programme applying the Whitethorn® Scanners to scan a number of computers, discover the full set of certificates, identify the PKI vulnerabilities, and advise on how to manage them.

Professional Services

Implementation of the Whitethorn® platform across the organisation, training your responsible people and handing over management of the platform to your Information Security function.

Managed Services

Continued management of the Whitethorn® platform on your behalf to ensure that your digital certificates continue to be effectively and securely scanned and managed.


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